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التهابات الجيوب الأنفية

7 ways to prevent sinus infections in the winter

Winter is one of the seasons of the year that many wait to enjoy its weather, wear the best clothes and spend a special time in the rain.
But it is feared coming with sinus allergy problems. Annoying infections, which are one of the common diseases in winter.

In this article, Gardenia Pharmacies reviews the symptoms of sinus allergy and ways to prevent them.


Symptoms of sinusitis.

Sinus symptoms and problems usually appear with a cold or flu. And there are at least two of the following symptoms:

– Ear pain

– Cough that increases during sleep

– Sore throat

– Pain in the upper jaw and teeth

– Bad breath

– High temperature

– Fatigue or irritability

– Severe headache

– Feeling sick

– Double vision or other vision changes

التهابات الجيوب الأنفية

Ways to prevent sinus allergy and help cope with changing weather.

– Stay away from food that contains hot spices

– Stop eating foods that trigger nasal allergies, such as: bananas and eggs

– Constantly moisturizing the body to resist nasal secretions with water, hot drinks and juices

– Always clean the nose with cotton towels

– Always clean your living space from dust and dirt

– Wash hands and face throughout the day

– Attention to enhancing immunity by providing the elements the body needs to prevent colds and influenza


But if fatigue increases, many treatments can be used that the doctor can prescribe, depending on the situation.

All of which are available in Gardenia Pharmacies.

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