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المضادات الحيوية ليست سحر! .. تعرف على كثرة الإفراط فى تناولها

Antibiotics are not magic! .. Learn about the harms of consuming too much

Antibiotics became the easiest solution for anybody experiencing any pain or cold or even a flu without a doctor’s prescription and that is because they believe it is the fastest and ideal way for most health issues.

What you do not know is that the excessive usage of antibiotics causes several problems and dangerous complications that may even lead to death!


Antibiotics also kill only bacteria and they cannot destroy viruses as the ones causing flu and cold that are not affected by any means by antibiotics as told by the world health organization (WHO), in that case your body is only getting affected by the side effects with no benefit.

In this article, Gardenia pharmacies are listing with you the problems caused by the excessive usage of antibiotics without medical prescription:

1- Digestive system problems.

one of the most common side effects caused by taking antibiotics as they cause several problems such as indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, pain, bloating and stomach cramping.


2- Kidney failure.

antibiotics can affect kidneys causing kidney failure for those who suffer from kidney diseases because kidneys are responsible for detoxifying the body including medicine so doctors prescribe minimal amounts of antibiotic doses for old people and kidney-diseases patients.

3- fungal infections.

as we mentioned before, antibiotics kill the harmful bacteria but sometimes it kills the harmless bacteria that protect from inflammations and fungal infections as well.

Lots of people using antibiotics suffer from a lot of fungal infections which have the following symptoms:

– Vaginal itching, swelling and pain

– Pain and burning sensation during sexual intercourse and peeing

– Unusual vaginal discharge

– Loss of taste

– Fever and shivering

– Pain during eating or swallowing


4- Light allergies.

a lot of antibiotics make the skin more allergic to sun so when people use antibiotics causing skin allergy, they should use sun protection.

(You can choose between more than one product from Gardenia pharmacies:


5- Teeth-colour changing.

a range of 3% to 6% of the people that use antibiotics excessively have spots on their enamel.


6- Interacting with other medicine.

 some antibiotics interact with other medicine so that it can stop its effectiveness. 

Other medicine includes: 

– Birth control

– Antacids

– Hemophilia

– Antifungals

– Psoriasis medicine

– Diuretics

– Vitamins and supplements that include zinc, iron and calcium

– Rheumatoid arthritis medicine

– Diabetes medicine

– Steroids

– Relaxants

– Parkinson’s disease medicine

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