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احذر تأثير الكمامة على بشرتك .. وتجنب أضرارها

Beware of the effect of the face mask on your skin .. and avoid its damages

The face mask has become an essential and indispensable thing when out of the house.
This is due to its importance in limiting and protecting the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).


However, many dermatologists confirmed that there are side effects of the face mask on the face, especially if it is worn for long hours.
But you can prevent side effects as a result of using a mask while protecting yourself from viruses.

– Side effects of wearing a face mask and how to avoid them:

1- Skin irritation and redness.

The extreme humidity and heat resulting from wearing a face mask for long periods causes high skin moisture, clogging and irritation of skin pores, in addition to causing rashes.

– The solution:

  • Use a cleanser suitable for your skin and make sure to moisturize it 30 minutes before wearing a face mask.

(You can choose between more than one product through:

  • For women, it is preferable not to put make-up under the face mask to keep the skin pores in good condition.
  • Regular deep peeling daily before bed.

(You can choose between more than one product through:

  • Take a quarter-hour break every 4 hours after wearing a face mask to allow your skin to breathe.


2- Sunburn.

During the day, the face mask causes sunburn in the areas not covered by the face mask.

– The solution:

  • Use a sunblock suitable for your skin to protect it from UV damage.

(You can choose between more than one product through:


3- Chapped and dry lips.

One of the side effects of wearing a face mask is dry, chapped lips.

– The solution:

  • Keep your lips moisturized by using your lip balm.

(You can choose between more than one product through:


Simple steps and with little effort help you protect yourself from viruses and protect your skin from many problems that are difficult to treat in the future.

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