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Coronavirus Vaccines

What are the types of Coronavirus Vaccines ?

What are the types of Coronavirus Vaccines ? There are four categories of vaccines in clinical trials: Whole Virus, Protein Subunit, Viral Vector and Nucleic Acid Let’s try to know the difference between each type, the companies that manufacture them and how exactly they work in our bodies.   Whole Virus Vaccines  Whole Virus is


Delta Variant (B.1.617.2)

Delta Variant The predominant COVID-19 strain has put the focus back on prevention Even as people began to feel some hope—or at least cautious optimism—early this summer that the pandemic could recede to the background, there was still the threat that new mutations of the COVID-19 virus could bring it back, and it might be

Johnson & Johnson against COVID-19 vaccine

Johnson & Johnson against COVID-19 vaccine

Johnson & Johnson against COVID-19 vaccine Johnson & Johnson against COVID-19 vaccine Egypt receives Johnson & Johnson vaccine The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement and Medical Supply announced that it is awaiting the arrival of the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccine at dawn on Monday, August 9. The authority said that importing the

جديد فعال بنسبة 92

Abdala Vaccine is 92% Effective Against Coronavirus

Abdala Vaccine 92% Effective Against Coronavirus Abdala, technical name CIGB-66, is a Covid-19 vaccine. Its scientific title is “Phase III, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial for the evaluation in adults of the efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine candidate CIGB-66 against SARS-CoV-2. (COVID-19)” Its Issuing authority and the primary sponsor is Center for Genetic Engineering

كل ادوية الكحة | how to Stop Cough

how to Stop Cough

What is a cough? | What is a cough? how to Stop Cough Respiratory drugs and cough medicine Types of cough, their causes and treatment: Dry cough A dry cough occurs as a result of a viral or bacterial infection, such as a Covid-19 infection. Doctors usually consider a cough with sputum as a reaction

NOW C1000 100 CAPS

NOW C1000 || ناو فيتامين سي 1000

ناو فيتامين سي 1000 ملجم 100 كبسولة اشترى من هنا    ناو فيتامين سي 1000 ملجم 100 كبسولة فيتامين سي هو فيتامين. يمكن لبعض الحيوانات أن تصنع فيتامين سي الخاص بها ، لكن يجب أن يحصل الناس على هذا الفيتامين من الطعام ومصادر أخرى. من المصادر الجيدة لفيتامين ج الفواكه والخضروات الطازجة ، وخاصة الحمضيات.


ريفاروسباير – RIVAROSPIRE

ريفاروسباير – RIVAROSPIRE ريفاروسباير – RIVAROSPIRE ريفاروكسيبان | ادوية القلب والاوعية الدموية       دواعي استخدام ريفاروسباير – RIVAROSPIRE يحتوي ريفاروسير علي الماده الفعالة ريفاروكسابان . والذي يستخدم عند المرضي البالغين في الحالات الاتية :  لمنع تجلط الدم في المخ ( السكتة الدماغية او في الاوعية الدموية وذلك في حال ان كنت تعاني من


IVERZINE || هل دواء ايفرزين لعلاج كورونا ؟

IVERZINE || هل دواء ايفرزين لعلاج كورونا ؟ اشترى من هنا  ايفرزين اقراص  ايفرزين لوشن IVERZINE || ايفرزين إيفيرمكتين و هو يعتبر مضاد للديدان  ما هى المادة الفعالة لدواء ايفرزين ؟ إيفيرمكتين  ما هى دواعي استخدام ايفرزين اقراص ؟ داء كلابية الذنب. داء الأسطوانيات. الالتهابات المتعددة التي تسببها اليرقات الدافئة لخطاف القط أو الكلب. مبيد



WORLD HEALTH DAY, 7TH OF APRIL 2021   On World Health Day, 7 April 2021   On World Health Day, 7 April 2021, WHO is inviting the world in their new campaign to build a fairer and a healthier world. Our world is not a fair one especially during the late COVID-19 pandemic. As COVID-19

covid vaccine covi vax in egypt

Egypt corona vaccine COVI-VAX

Local Egypt COVID-19 vaccine to undergo for furthur clinical trial steps. Egypt corona vaccine COVI-VAX Egyptian vaccine production by the National Research Center in Egypt, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The EDA (Egyptian Drug Authority) has issued a license to an Egyptian factory that will undergo for the production

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