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Health Insurance in Egypt 2021

How to Use Health Insurance without Errors

Health Insurance in Egypt 2021 , Medical claims, Medical Insurance Egypt

Egypt Medical Insurance | Laboratory, Hospital and Scan

Health insurance system is an extra safety issue, in high income salaries countries should be a must for establishing any official company hold humans, it’s always easy to understand that you may have to take some steps to make sure your insurance will provide you with the full medical service basically for your health care bills.

Notify the Medical Insurance company in Egypt Immediately about any claim you’re making within 10 calendar days from the date that the incident occurred. 
You can write, fax, call or e-mail.


Here’s some basic info you need to know:

What is Medical Insurance in Egypt

The Health insurance helps pay for your health care, according to type of medical program provided by any Medical Claiming Company.

Also insurance company has different rules for using health care benefits ( using Insurance Smart System , )

Gardenia also looking in the next stages to support TELEMEDICINE Technology which may be be used from home or that doctors use to improve or support Patient  health care services.


Medical Insurance inProcess | Egypt

  • It also covers many preventive services to keep you healthy. You pay a monthly bill called a premium to buy your health insurance and you may have to pay a portion of the cost of your care each time you receive the service.
  • From the Egyptian government side, news and updates published officially that, 1st phase of Egypt’s Universal Health Insurance System will cost 34 Billion Egyptian Pounds = Nearly 2 Billion US $ in 2021.

Medical Insurance process

The Direct Billing Process

  1. Your medical provider sends a bill to your insurance company.
  2. You submit a Claimant’s Statement and Authorization form to your insurance company.
  3. Your insurance company determines if additional information is needed and whether the medical service is covered under your insurance plan.

What is considered a clean claim in medical billing?

Clean claim defined as:

A clean claim has no defect, impropriety or special circumstance, including incomplete documentation that delays timely payment.

Egypt International Health Insurance | #100_Million_Seha

Egypt Ministry Of Health and Population

Health Insurance in Egypt 2021

The Arm responsible for overseeing the implementation of health legislation and care across the country.

The MoHP manages primary health care centers, general hospitals, district hospitals, and integrated and specialized hospitals that plans to reform healthcare and implement a universal health insurance for every Egyptian Envisioning a model of “Family Healthcare Services for All by 2030.

 9 Tracks | Egypt Ministry of Health Aspects to Develop giant H-step Year 2021
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Infrastructure and equipment
  3. Automation and digitalization
  4. Institutional transformation
  5. Training human resources
  6. Registration of citizens
  7. Registration of doctors
  8. Medical establishments
  9. Awareness and media
  • Egypt Medical Life Insurance is under a real revolution using geo-socio-digital techniques, targeting different geo-physical communities living under 100 km square Egyptian Lands.
  • Thumb up for entrepreneurs in Egypt different medical fields,  from >7000 years Medical Schools ( ex. on top dr.magdy yakoub )

List for all Medical Laboratories in Cairo, Giza Alexandria, Delta and upper Egypt:

When you visit a doctor, hospital or any healthcare provider, your service generates a normal a medical voucher bill, that you can choose from any formal medical supplier list or type,

List for all Medical Scanning Center in Cairo, Giza Alexandria, Delta and upper Egypt:

List for all Oncology Centers in Cairo, Giza Alexandria, Delta and upper Egypt:

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