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كأس العالم لكرة اليد

Patrol PCR analysis and equipping 80 ambulances for the Handball World Cup in Egypt

Egypt dazzles the world again
And in every international forum, it proves its ability to produce the best possible image.

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, took all precautionary and preventive measures during the Men’s Handball World Cup, which was held on the land of Egypt.

The ministry also confirmed that the state has developed an integrated plan to implement precautionary measures in order to confront the emerging corona virus pandemic and maintain the safety of all attendees and arrivals from different countries.

The plan includes the policy of the closed group or the so-called full bubble, which is a fixed group of hotel workers and the medical team that accompanies each of the teams participating in the tournament, to reduce mixing, as (the group) is subject to limited moves between the residence and training halls or matches only, and Within the group, emphasis is placed on reducing densities, and on the commitment to wearing masks, sterilizing hands, and social distancing.

PCR surveys will also be conducted periodically once every 72 hours from the start of entering the group in rooms designated for that in the residence hotels, as well as after each match, once every 48 hours for sports teams, and once every 72 hours for members of federations, organizing committees and hotel workers. Tests in suspected cases.

In addition, 80 ambulances equipped to secure the championship, medical clinics, including an intensive care unit in every hotel and another inside every gymnasium including all equipment, have been paid and the preventive crisis room has also been activated to work 24 hours a day to follow up the implementation of the medical insurance plan and finally awareness of the procedures Preventive in 6 languages ​​in hotels and gyms.

The plan is being implemented for these activities by 160 doctors, health observers and administrators at the highest level of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo and Alexandria, in addition to the preventive medicine sector and the basic care sector.

All the best for the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the medical teams
And for the Egyptian team in Handball World Cup

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