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Find out about how roche diabetic products are designed to help you manage diabetes.

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Testing blood glucose has never been that effortless!

Are you getting accurate results you need? Accu Chek meters give you trusted accuracy.

ACCU CHEK Accuracy:

According to Roche, the Guide meter and strips are more accurate than any of other glucose monitor products currently on the market.

Types :

  1. Accuchek Performa (Buy Accuchek perfoema from this link)
  2. Accuchek perfoema strips (Buy Accuchek perfoema strips from this link)
  3. Accuchek Instant ( Buy Accuchek Instant from this link)
  4. Accuchek Instant strips (Buy Accuchek instant strips from this link)
  5. Accuchek Active (Buy Accuchek Active from this link)
  6. Accuchek Active strips (Buy Accuchek Active strips from this link)
  7. Accuchek softicles (Buy Accuchek softicles from this link)

Comparison the tests for some Glucometers ?

Product Name Accuracy Score
AccuChek Instant Blood Glucose Monitoring 94.6 96.4
OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer? 98.4 96.8
Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer 96.4 97.4
AccuChek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit 98.6 97.6

What is the price of Accu chek glucose monitor in Egypt?

  • Price of AccuChek Performa Blood Glucose Meter Kit = 574.00 EGP
  • Price of AccuChek Performa Blood Glucose Meter 50 strips = 301.00 EGP
  • Price of AccuChek InstantBlood Glucose Meter Kit = 500.00 EGP
  • Price of AccuChek Instant Blood Glucose Meter 50 strips279.50 EGP


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Tel.: + (202) 35719439 / 35732503

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