• Avent Baby Products in Egypt


    avent baby products

    Inspired by baby, effective for mum.
    Natural Motion Technology is inspired by baby’s natural suckling for quicker milk flow.

    One size soft and adaptive cushion
    fits 99.98% of mums (nipple sizes up to 30mm)

    Designed for upright pumping
    thanks to no-lean forward design

    Personalise your settings 

    with 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels

    Quiet motor

    for a discreet experience anywhere


  • Feeding

    • Breast pumps & care
    • Baby bottles & nipples
    • Bottle warmers & sterilizers
    • Toddler sippy cups
    • Starter & baby gift sets
  • Baby's care & safety

    • Baby monitors & thermometers
    • Pacifiers
    • Food makers & tableware

    Mom's Choice by AVENT

    Find more flexibility


    Whether you're going back to work, or just want to fit a little extra into your day, there are easy ways to keep giving your baby the benefits of breast milk when you can't be there.

    Is Philips Avent breast pump good?
    All of our parent testers felt that the Philips Comfort Single Electric Breast Pumpprovided good or very good value, quality and ease of use.
    The majority of testers were satisfied with the pump.
    All but one tester would buy this pump again and recommend it to other parents.
    Natural Plastic Biberon 330 ml +3M SCF036/ 17 · AVENT Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 125 ml/ 4 oz 2 Feeding Bottle
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