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Each BIO-CUT capsule contains: Triticum Aestivum Fiber (Wheat Bran) Powder 200 mg. Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Powder 150 mg. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Brewer’s yeast) Powder 50 mg.

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BIO CUT CAP; ginger, yeast, wheat, weight management .

BIO CUT CAP for slimming, losing excess weight and reaching the ideal weight by controlling the energy that exists in the body, where the amount of energy expended must be more than the amount of energy gained, and the drug also works to increase the percentage of heat that is produced in the body, which preserves the number The kilograms lost by the body.


Indications of the Bio Cut Capsules:

1- It is used to lose excess weight in the body by modifying some wrong food behaviors.

2- It is used to avoid the increase that the body may be exposed to after the slimming process, as it keeps the body slender.

3- It is used to reduce the percentage of fats that cause obesity, by increasing physical activity and following a proper diet.

4- It is necessary to consult the doctor before taking the medicine, as the doctor determines if the body needs Biocet or not, and if he needs it, he determines the appropriate dose for it.


Dosage and method of use  for Bio Cut Capsules:

One capsule is taken daily three times before eating half an hour, and the doctor emphasizes the need for an abundant amount of water after taking the capsule in order to avoid the occurrence of constipation.


Side effects of  Bio Cut capsules:

1- Constipation may occur after consuming these capsules, in case the amount of water consumed after taking the capsules is decreased.

2- The body accepts this drug quickly and tolerates it. There are no side effects of taking this medicine, as it is safe for the body.


Precautions and contraindications  for Bio Cut capsules:

1- This medicine should not be taken if there is a severe sensitivity to the active ingredient in which it is present.

2- Not to take Biocet in the case of a previous intestinal obstruction in the body.

3- It is prohibited to take it in the event of an underactive thyroid gland of the body, as in this case the thyroid gland must be treated first.

4- It is preferable not to use the medicine in the case of peptic ulcers.

5- In cases of pregnancy and lactation, they have not been talked about at all. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this medicine in order to ensure the health safety of the mother and the child.

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