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Shaving and Grooming Products

Shaving and Grooming Products

فرشاة الرغوة لحلاقة الذقن | صالون الحلاقة للرجال
professional shaving brush in barbershop interior; clean shave

Hair removal is an important part of grooming for men and women alike, and having the right products available can help you complete this essential step in your personal care regimen with ease.

Gardenia pharmacy is your one-stop shop for all of your shaving and grooming needs with a wide selection of products available.


Everything You Need for a smoothie  Shave


A classic shave requires two key components: a razor and lubricant.

Gardenia offers many different kinds of razors for men and women, so you can select the type that is the right fit for your needs.

  • Disposable razors are an affordable option that you simply throw away

once the blade becomes dull, Cartridge razors decrease waste and often offer closer, smoother results with their specially designed replaceable heads.

  • For the most traditional shave, you can choose a safety razor with

reusable bottom and replaceable blades.

  • To minimize friction and reduce the risk of shaving irritation, be sure to

lather up a shaving cream, foam, gel or soap before you reach for whichever razor you choose.


Making Shaving High Tech

Electric shavers provide an alternative to conventional razors for men and women.

These devices plug into a wall outlet or use replaceable or rechargeable batteries for power.

Their spinning or vibrating blades crop off facial and body hair but do not produce friction like conventional razors. As a result, they typically pose less risk for irritation.

Some electric shavers are intended only for dry use, while others can be taken into the tub or shower for wet shaving.

Electric trimmers are also available for grooming side burns, beards, goatees, mustaches and nose and ear hairs.


Completing Your Shaving Routine

ادوات الحلاقة المختلفه
Using Original shaving products for smooth skin

A complete shaving regimen can diminish the likelihood of irritation and help you promote softer, healthier skin.

Pre-shave products help soften your facial or body hair, so that the razor blades can cut through with greater ease.

After you have shaved, you can apply post shave products.

These formulas typically contain soothing ingredients that can alleviate redness and inflammation.

Some also have ingredients to help purify the pores and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Depending on the type of razor and shaving lubricant that you use, you may benefit from accessories like a shaving brush or cup in your bathroom.

Pre and post shave products and shaving tools and accessories are available for purchase individually and in gift sets for your shopping convenience.


Discover At-Home Alternatives to Shavin

جميع منتجات جيليت ل حلاقة الرجال
Gillette blue, Gillette Mach 3, Gillette fusion, Gillette Proglide, Gillette power in Egypt

Shaving isn’t the only method of eliminating unwanted facial and body hair at home.

  • Depilatories dissolve hair with chemicals. The unwanted hair is then

simply wiped away. These products can pose a risk for irritation and typically must be reapplied every 1 to 2 weeks to maintain results.

  • With bleach, you can simply lighten the color of your hair to make it less

Noticeable, Waxes can be used to lift hair out by the roots, keeping you fuzz free for 4 to 6 weeks.

You can purchase hot and cold waxes that are applied with fabric strips or pre-waxed plastic strips.



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