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ثلاث عوامل تؤثر سلبيًا على البشرة فى الشتاء .. وطرق الحماية

Three factors negatively affect the skin in winter … and ways of protection

A smooth, healthy and a youthful skin is a thing that always concerns women

But does winter affect having a healthy skin?


Absolutely yes!


As hundreds of dermatologists claim, our skin gets really affected by the weather due to several reasons which are:

  1. Dry air that encourages the dryness of our skin.
  2. Using a lot of water due to being exposed to rain leading to its dryness and itchiness.
  3. Dry warm air due to excessive usage of heating systems in winter that helps evaporate all the water and moisture in our skin cells.

Our skin suffers during winter from the decreased production of natural oils by our skin and that is why it is hard to find the skin completely healthy and moisturised. This may lead to several problems as:

  • dry, itchy skin.
  • skin cracks and if they are deep, they may lead to bleeding through these cracks.
  •  Reddish skin.
  • Increased itchiness due to dryness and lack of moisturising.


How can we take care of our skin during winter with all of these factors affecting it?

1- First of all, we should not wash our hands with hot water frequently and the water should be cold or just warm.


2- Moreover, it is really important to do a daily/ weekly scrub with a soft scrub and never with a harsh one so that we don’t increase the dryness and itchiness.

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3- It is also preferable to use a dry/ sensitive skin friendly cleanser so that it ensures enough moisturising and does not dry our skin due to its deep cleaning.

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4- We should moisturise our skin twice a day so that our skin does not lose its moisture and stay smooth and youthful.

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